The Fifth Taste

A homey kitchen company running in Edinburgh, tasty food from Spain, a multi-awarded chef who needed to have her brand and website the core of the business showing her thoughts and expertise.

Open live project


Move all the shop that previously was running on Shopify and build everything tailored and SEO added. Build a CMS easy to work with but fulfilling her needs.


Long project moving whole shop from Shopify and condense an ecommerce website with a blog, adding a fully customized CMS where the client needs to manage the business.


The Fifth Taste, previously named VanesaSpanishFood, was running her business on Shopify, and felt that the platform wasn't enough for her project. She wanted a shop but also her own place to share her thoughts, experiences, travels and some recipes.

After the first meeting some issues with the brand were spotted, she needed to communicate her feelings and value. Build her brand style full of meaning with what she wanted.


This project has taken around 8 months to be completed, one of the right decissions was to settle the brand styles in early stages, because everything built from then kept the client essence.

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