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Javier Lopez
is not a designer.

Not just a developer either. Let’s call it a problem solver. Helping start-ups define their brand identity and stand out online.

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Your goal doesn't fit just any website

Your business is more than just a brand new logotype or a website. And often we don’t realise how impactful is at a first sight and the feeling that it provides. That’s why a website built from a process and applied a tailored solution will attract the desired leads, whatever your goal is.

When I say process, I don’t mean just a beautiful website, although is definitely an important point and might not be avoided, but we must ensure that the performance, the best developing practices and a curated user experience will be applied to convey nice looking and bring the leads wanted to
your business.

What I do!

Branding & Graphic design

Your visual identity isn’t just a logotype, it’s a whole system, colours, typography, iconography, patterns, and the way all together talk by itself. From there, your clients will have clear who are you as a business.

Audits & Analysis

Websites can’t be just nice and plenty of animations, videos, pics, etc. The site must have the best perfomance, good developing practices applied and accesibility so any user can enjoy your services.

Web Design & Development

This is the showcase for your business, where all your services, expertise and communications convey to grab the user attention and bring leads, therefore a piece of your marketing to look after carefully.

My process

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My process ->


With a meeting, we will share your ideas about your business and culture, and find out your goals, set next steps to plan them as a team.



A deep analysis of the requirements, client goals, target audience, requested features determine scope of the project and



Second meeting, where I will bring solutions to our project, establsih the milestones and deliverables. Set tools and the way we will work together.



The most important stage, I’ll stamp all the information gathered in the meetings, set colours, logos, stylescapes, brand style guides, also technical services as servers etc.


Review & approval

Last meeting before the development stage, where we will review high fidelity prototpypes and designs until both are satisfied with the outcome.



From HTML and CSS to a full backend, everything will be coded or designed in this stage, the longer one. Some content might be requested and needed.


Test & Evaluation

Within this stage, a throroughly evaluation will be carried out to ensure the final delivery meets all the requirements and also performance of the site


Take off!!

Congratulations! Our project is done and everything will be ready to get leads for you! Also, any training needed will be provided.


MyweatherApp Logo

My Weather

  • Personal project
  • ReactJs
  • Front End Development
  • OpenWeatherMap API

App which will get your position and display the current weather . Can be installed as webapp in any mobile.

Open live site
thefifthtaste logo

Waves Player

  • Personal project
  • ReactJs
  • Front End Development

In my pathway learning ReactJs I wanted to develop a music player, responsive and connected to servers to play the music in their servers. Can be installed as webapp in any mobile.

Open live site
thefifthtaste logo
mobile message

The Fifth Taste

  • Branding
  • Web development
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom CMS
  • Google Maps API
  • SEO
  • Paypal

A homey kitchen company running in Edinburgh, tasty food from Spain, a multi-awarded chef who needed to have her brand and website the core of the business showing her thoughts and expertise.

Open case study
statistics audt logo

Audt Web audits tool

  • University Project
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Sass
  • Google Lighthouse

My own tool to carry out the Google Lighthouse tests in any website, focused on Performance, Accesibility, Best Practices and SEO, also dead links and missed ALT property in images.

Open live site
Photo by Norma Mortenson from Pexels foxtrk logo
qrcode foxtrk mobile message


  • Branding
  • Web Development
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Charts.js
  • Personal Project

FoxTrk brings the assistance to those riders who are working and want to keep their work and incomes tracked, get insights on their figures while they keep the focus on the road.

Open case study
komorebi logo


  • Branding

A photographer freelance deserved to print her style and feeling with a Logotype and watermark for her pictures.

Open case study

Work in progress...

Apologies, I'm working hard to showcase my work, and will be available soon. Meantime, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any inquiries.

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